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  • UAV Industrial Inspection
  • UAV Promotional Photography & Videos
  • UAV Event Photography & Videos
  • Our drones collect mission critical data for analysis and reporting
  • promote real estate, hotels, golf courses ...
  • live stream special events

UAV Benefits

We can help significantly reduce your inspection time and costs whilst increasing safety and productivity.

Safe Operations
  • Full-time satellite assisted position stabilisation/holding
  • Reliable operations in variable and gusting wind conditions
  • Dual Operators to allow additional safety for operations in close proximity to subjects and other equipment
  • Satellite guided autopilot fail-safe mechanism, multiple levels of redundancy
Efficient and Flexible
  • Real-time monitoring available via wireless air to ground link for client feedback in flight
  • Wide range of aircraft and camera positioning options in the air
  • Movement flexibility in close proximity to objects and through structures where traditional aircraft and Helicopters cannot.
  • Minimal environmental impact, virtually no downward air blast and reduced audible noise to surroundings
Quality Data
  • High Definition Photo Capture – 6000 x 4000, 24 Megapixel
  • High Definition Video Capture – Many options including Cinema 4K & Full HD at up to 60fps
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