The Artist

Jean McClelland

The intricacies of implying three dimensions in a 2D medium have always fascinated me. From the time I was first introduced to graphite powder in a college art class, I found it compelling and immediately started developing a technique for this unusual medium. My expressive style reflects my affinity for subtlety and the selective omission and inclusion of visual elements within a drawing.

My grandmother and mother were accomplished artists who deeply influenced succeeding generations. I loved drawing from the time I was a young child. Bachelor and graduate degrees provided the academic foundation for my focus on creativity. Each day I challenge myself to refine my craft.

I live on a small farm in the Willamette Valley of Oregon which serves as a gathering place for family and friends. On many occasions there can be almost as many family pets as people enjoying time together. My artistic focus on people and animals reflects my personal values and interests. I hope you enjoy these drawings

Member of the Portrait Society of America