Procedure For Ordering

Since most clients cannot accommodate the time and expense associated with multiple sittings for a portrait, practicality dictates that I provide the option of working from photographs.

The detailed quality of photographs is extremely important. Close-up views of the subject are essential. I am happy to offer advice about which photo will result in the best composition. I can combine images of different people and/or animals into one group composition if desired. Favorite settings, structures and/or places can also be incorporated as backgrounds for a more personalized composition.

Once we have agreed upon the composition, I will provide an estimated completion date. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to initiate the order. When the portrait is completed, I will email a “proof” to you for your approval. Upon receipt of the balance due, your portrait will be promptly shipped free of charge to your address within the U.S. An additional fee is charged for foreign destinations.

All photos will be returned. Your satisfaction is my priority. I do my utmost to create portraits worthy of becoming family heirlooms.


Prices vary depending upon image size, number of subjects and complexity of composition. I am happy to discuss these issues in detail and provide exact prices. For reference, a single subject, head and shoulders, 18”x24” graphite powder portrait with personalized background is $550.

Gift Certificates

Clients with short deadlines can request a handsome certificate for presentation on a special occasion prior to the completion of a commissioned portrait. Gift certificates in a presentation folder are also available.